Having helped steer our members through the very testing times since the outbreak of COVID-19, we now want to be instrumental in guiding your salon successfully back to business. Now is the time to start thinking what you can do to ensure the transition back to work, both in terms of your salon, your team and everything else associated with your business, and that it is as smooth as possible.

We’ve asked some of the leading figures in the hair industry for their advice and suggestions as to what you should be doing right now and in the weeks ahead. The key areas most agree upon are outlined for your ease below:

  • Stay in touch on a regular basis with every member of your team and keep them fully informed of all decisions and planning
  • Make a financial plan for the year ahead
  • Order all the necessary personal protective equipment you will need for when you open your salon
  • Think about how you will implement social distancing measures in your salon
  • Devise a thorough and detailed health and safety plan now which can be put into action on day one of business
  • Make a check list of things that will need to sorted prior to opening such as heat, water supply, phones, computer systems etc
  • Plan a pre-return to work day for all the staff. Spend the day planning the weeks ahead, making sure the team get their own hair done and covering any other issues that are important to your staff and your business

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